Creative Jobs

Creative Jobs

Creative Jobs is the new job platform of Creative Network, one of Belgium’s biggest platforms for creativity. 

I designed the identity and website.

Huisstijl ontwerp, UX design & grafisch ontwerp voor Creative Network. Creative Network is een portfolio platform voor freelance creatieven (grafisch vormgevers, illustratoren, ux designers, art directors, etc).  


The identity simple and clean to give maximum attention to each job post. The colour palette is choosen to maximize attention. 

The identity is fresh, timeless and modern, it gives the brand an international look fitting to the brand.



— Identity design, website, banners and templates for social media


— Identity design: logo, typography, colour selection, business cards, letterhead, folders, photography style, etc…

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Contact me to discuss a project by email or by phone +31 6 30 07 48 71

Contact me to discuss a project by email or by phone +32 486 36 20 18