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OpenVRT Learn-up

I am happy to tell you that I will be one of the people at the round table questionaires at OpenVRT Learn-up. An evening for young creatives were they can ask questions on portfolio presentation, social media exposure and other related topics. Happy to help out these young creatives. 

  • New York

    It has been 3 weeks since I got back from organising an edition of Let's Talk Design in New York, such an amazing city. The evening itself was at The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. We sold out a day before, 70 people showed up, not bad for a first time is…

    Redesign Ikari Cosmetics, from technical to beautiful

    Before you read any further, this is the first article I am writing (ever) about my work as a graphic designer. The reason I am doing this is because I think or hope it will be helpful to other young designers and to clients. A better understanding of…